Caesar - A Very Golden Rescue

I am usually very good at remembering dates.

This month, however, I forgot a very special one that relates to Caesar, my darling Golden Retriever.

Those that know me well, know how much I love my dogs. They also know that I have experienced enormous grief in recent times when I’ve had to say goodbye to four of them in the space of just three and a half years.

These are the dates of their passing that are etched in my memory.

Harley:      December 30, 2009
Caesar: February 1, 2012
Samson:  December 8, 2012
Willow: July 21, 2013

On each of these anniversaries I share a little story about them on Facebook along with a favourite photo. For me, this is a way to remember them publicly on a day when I am feeling just so sad.

Last week it suddenly occurred to me that I had missed the date for Caesar - February 1, the second anniversary.

I am so upset by this.

Why did I forget this year?

A Westie in Vaucluse

Something got me thinking this week about how I ended up living in Vaucluse.

I was raised in St Marys, a Western Suburb of Sydney.

St Marys is just past Mt Druitt, in between Blacktown and Penrith.
As a teenager growing up in the early 1980's being a "Westie" had it's drawbacks and it was more than just our bad perms. We were instantly recognisable, especially the boys. Mullett haircuts, tee shirts, tight black jeans, unbuttoned checked flannelette shirts (flannos) and ugg boots. 

Yes. You knew a Westie when you saw one.

Just Give It A Go.

"Just give it a go. If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again."

According to a friend of mine, I say that a lot. It somehow resonated with him and gave him the courage to try a number of things that he had never really considered a possibility before.

So in the spirit of this, I'm going to take my own advice and give writing, or more specifically travel writing, a go.

My immediate goal is to write feature stories about the incredible experiences I've had at some of the amazing places I've been to around the world and then pitch these stories to editors for publication in major newspapers and magazines.

My ultimate goal is to write a number of bestselling (naturally!) books in the form of a travel memoir. From blog to book, as they say.

Sounds simple enough. Of course I know it won't be that easy.

So, I have put together a bit of a plan.

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